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Relationships are messy + delicious. Learn about how Robyn D'Angelo, The Happy Couple Expert uses science to effectively help couples in Orange County, California to master the messiness of relationships while learning how to love + be loved, better.

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How To Apologize To Your Spouse

Robyn D'Angelo


When the good old "I'm Sorry" isn't communicating how it used to, I have five different strategies to effectively apologize to your spouse.


Not sure what YOUR apology language is? 

Maybe you want to know what your partner's is? 

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How to Win the Game of Listening (So You Both Get What You Want!)

Emily Porta


Your Mid-Day #LoveBreak is here!

Today you’ll discover: How to WIN the game of listening! Get out something to take notes with + let’s set you up for success! #TheLostArtofListening #ListenToMe #LoveGeek

Want to Create EPIC Love? Not quite sure how you're going to do this? No problem! Helping couples + individuals create healthy fulfilling relationships is my jam. Let's talk about how you can create your EPIC relationship that lasts, a solid marriage that lasts and fabulous friendship that lasts. Call me - email me - or find me online. Let me show you how to LOVE + BE LOVED, better.

Crush the Criticism in Your Relationship

Robyn D'Angelo

When it comes to getting your needs met, there's ONE BIG nasty communication habit that most couples struggle with. CRITICISM. 

In today's video I give you the THREE STEPS you need to follow to CRUSH THE CRITICISM.

Did you get all that Criticism Crushing Info? 

Complaining without Blaming your partner is the KEY to getting your needs met. It's simple. And with enough practice, you will be well on your way to mastering the messiness of couplehood. 

Complain Without Blame: Three steps to Crushing the Criticism.** 

1. State how you're feeling using an emotion word.

2. Describe the situation (NOT YOUR PARTNER).

3. Make a request. 

** Watch the video for full details + examples.

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LADIES: 3 Things Men Need to Hear {Daily}

Emily Porta


Ladies, this one is for you!  We're talking about  men; we're talking about your man!

You know men, they need formulas and systems to feel really good, right?  They have something call the left anterior parietal lobe-- say that 10x as fast you can! We have that too, but theirs, theirs is twice as big as ours.  

The function of that part of the brain is that it's the technical part,  so it's fixing the blender, it's tinkering around with a computer.  It's the technical aspects of what the brain in a man loves.  

The reason this is so important to pay attention to is that that part of their brain, when it's stimulated, releases testosterone.  Why do I care if my husband is releasing testosterone Robyn?  Or my boyfriend or my partner?

Let me tell you: when he has a steady flow of testosterone, his stress is lower which means he is primed to connect with you-- that's right!  He's open to it, he's open to receive and he's open to give.  

So I'm going to give you three things that you can stay to your partner that will help release that testosterone and prime him for connection.  So the next time he's talking and takes just a moment of a break, I want you to jump in and say one of these three things:

  1. "That makes total sense."  His brain will love that.  
  2. "What a great idea, I never thought of that!" Again, you're just priming him, you'll almost see his chest puff up and be like yeah!  
  3. "You're right!" This is something that men do not hear enough, so maybe don't sound so surprised when you say it!  

Anyway there's three things that you can start doing today and if this just doesn't feel natural for you or you really struggle with this, call me!  Call me today!  

This is what I help couples and individuals do on a daily basis.  Learning how to shift your language just a tad, so that you create more opportunities to connect with your partner.

 Call me today!  Alright, thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time!

Communication Tip #1: Language & Courage

Emily Porta

Hi there! Today I want to talk to you about two really important elements of communication.  I know so many couples come to me (and individuals) saying, "I just need some help with some communication skills."  



So, today I want to share with you two elements that are really important-- language and courage.  Now, that may sound kind of funny, like they don't really go together, but they do!  

Let me just give you an example:  So, a girlfriend and I were texting and having a conversation and I made a point and her next text to me, her response was, "Fair enough."  That's it.  No emojis.  No nothing.  So I didn't really know how to take this.  I didn't understand what that meant to her, but I can tell you for me, I had an internal reaction to that, it wasn't super great.  

It was kind of confusing, so I just paused for a moment and we have a really great relationship so I knew I could get kind of vulnerable with her and find the courage to say to her, "Hey, what did you mean by saying, 'fair enough?’  Was that disapproving? Was that a 'oh hey i never thought of it that way’? Help me understand what that meant."  And her response was immediate: "Oh my goodness, it was ‘thanks for the insight I hadn't thought of it that way.’ Thanks for checking in with me."  

And that just proved to me, how important it is that we find the courage when we are confused or we're triggered or we're upset by something someone has said to us or done to us, or we've experienced from them.  If we're having a reaction to it, instead of just reacting and making it worse, can we pause, find the courage and just get really curious with someone?  

We take in information through our own filters-- we all do this-- but we are also responsible for our own reactions and our responses to things.  So, when you can slow down just long enough to say, "Hey, help me understand."  The person on the other end will truly not only appreciate it, but they have an opportunity to connect deeper with you.  How important is that?  

So, communication-- be sure to listen for language and see if you can find your own courage to get curious and clarify when you're having a response to something.  I hope this has been helpful and I want to hear from you guys-- how are you utilizing this?  How is this showing up in your relationship?  

This week, what are you doing and what did it look like?  And maybe it fell flat!  That’s ok too!  We can work on it! Reach out and let us know!  Alright you guys, I'll talk to you again next week.  Buh-bye!

Improve Communication in Your Relationship NOW!

Emily Porta


Hi, Robyn D'Angelo here, The Happy Couple Expert and I just wanted to make this quick video for you today to remind you of the 3 part video series that I created that is called, "How To Master Compassionate Communication & Fall Back In Love With Your Partner."  

I created this video series for you because of all the feedback I've been getting from people wanting to work with me and help their relationships become the most epic that they can be.  I've been hearing two complaints in particular that couples come to me with, which is, "We can't stop fighting.  We don't know how to communicate."  And the second one is like, "The passion is gone or that flame or the passion has totally fizzled, what do we do?"  

So, I created this 3 part series to guide you through three different ways of connecting with your partner and then I give three action items that you and your partner can start doing right away!  And, yes, to have lasting connection and changes within your relationship, you've got to have ongoing work- there's got to be effort, but this just gives you one little thing that you guys can start doing immediately that you will see shifts within your relationship.  

It is the start to creating that foundation that you guys can really make some lasting changes in your relationship.  

It's completely free and it's just a little something I wanted to give you just a glimpse of what it is I do when I work with my couples as a relationship coach and how to get them to their most epic relationships.  

Alright you guys, I'll see you next week!  Buh-bye!